There are three distinct sides to our brand. Melissa Ring Photography handles traditional portrait needs including headshots, family, and couples portraits. But we also have a few other tricks up our sleeves. Select the Mortal Realm on our menu to find out more.

We have a travelling portrait studio for events, full of wonderful props, backdrops, and even some beautiful furniture. It's not just a photobooth, it's a photo-story. 

Be the Hero of your own story, by entering the Fae Realm and having a custom fantasy portrait made of you or your family. Knights, Vikings, Princesses, Fae Queens, and more, all are welcome. Come dressed as your favorite cosplay character or get some help from our magical wardrobe. 

We also have the pleasure of working freelance with Celebrate Gettysburg Magazine. Check out our numerous cover shots and our other work at Celebrate Gettysburg Magazine.