Located near Gettysburg and Hanover PA on the PA/MD line, Melissa Ring Photography specializes in Senior Portraits, Fantasy Portraits, Headshots, and more!




Well, what can we say? Melissa isn't just a photographer, she's an Artist. Her creativity and vision permeates every part of her life. A jack of all trades some might say. Her passion for photography has spanned the decades and led her to learning and accreditation through The Portrait System (a popular photography community to learn the ropes and hone the skill of portrait photography). There she earned her associate accreditation, winning both Silver and Bronze Merits in The Portrait Masters Awards. But she didn't stop there! Her life's passion has been the Fantasy Fiction world of storytelling from books and movies to Pre-raphaelite and Art Nouveau concepts. She LOVES a good fairytale! And as you might have guessed this shows up in her more fanciful work. 


If you've never met Melissa, you're missing out. Her cheerful personality will have you laughing and smiling throughout her photoshoots and you'll leave feeling more like a friend than just a client. 






Keep an eye out and you might even see her romping around the Gettysburg countryside creating fairytales for her clients.